? Three Reasons To Visit A Tire Store In Avondale Az


?Regular car maintenance is very important to keep vehicles running efficiently and safely. Replacing car tires when they become worn or faulty is equally important. Read the information below to learn when it’s time to visit a Tire Store in Avondale AZ for a set of new tires.

Cracks and Bulges On Sidewalls

Vehicle tires are designed to be sturdy and they can withstand a tremendous amount of abuse. However, there are some instances that can cause the sidewalls to crack. Older tires are susceptible to cracking and driving over an object, such as a curb, can also cause a crack.

Driving with a bulge on a tire is extremely dangerous because this can cause the tire to blow out while traveling. Bulges appear when the interior lining of the tire becomes torn due to driving over a pothole or running over an object in the road. When a bulge weakens a tire, it’s susceptible to coming apart while driving.

Worn Or Uneven Tread

The tread on a tire has the function of ensuring traction when driving on wet roadways. If the tread is worn down, a vehicle can easily hydroplane when the pavement is wet. When the tire tread is less than 1/16th of an inch, it’s time to replace them as soon as possible.

Tire Lifespan Is Met

The lifespan of a tire is approximately six years and even if the tires haven’t been used that much, individuals should have them replaced anyway. Tires can also dry rot if they’re exposed to extreme heat or if the tire pressure becomes too low. The tires on a seldom used vehicle can easily dry rot and come apart.

Individuals should frequently inspect their tires for dry rot by carefully examining the tread and looking for any cracks. If dry rot is suspected, individuals should contact a Tire Store in Avondale AZ for the installation of a new set of tires.

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