Giving The Competitive Edge To Your Business!}

Submitted by: Rohit Raj

Ever wondered how difficult it is for your brand to survive the competitive market scenario. After all, when the customer has so much to choose from, your brand is most likely to get a recall factor that barely lasts a few seconds. In simple terms, unless you have a solid differentiating strategy, your brand is less likely to survive the rat race. Through our expertise and experience, we at SRV Media, help brands achieve this competitive edge and steer ahead of the race. When it comes to digital media, we are the most passionately referred agency known for our professional, efficient and cost effective approach.

Here are five things that SRV Media adds to your business as opposed to the other agencies

Young ideas: We are a team of young professionals and therefore totally against walking the same old path again and again. When you come to us with a problem, we take it up as a challenge. The first step to address a challenge is to think beyond the obvious.

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Experience that counts: In spite of our recent inception, we have had the honour of handling several big and small firms. This gives us the advantage of understanding diverse business scenarios and industry better and therefore empowers us to deliver better output as well.

Dependability: In the modern day business scenario, companies need dependable media agencies well equipped to handle their requirements even when they pop up at the last minute. Our team will not refuse to take up the challenge and even walk the extra mile when it comes to getting the job done for you.

On-time delivery: The best part about our innovative solutions is that we dont make your business wait ages before we can deliver solutions that make the difference. When we take up a project, we work out the timeline and ensure that the team adheres to it.

Affordable: From marketing to advertising, we specialize in establishing relationships that go beyond the mere audience connect and help your brand travel further. Each of these solutions is customized to meet your demands. All this priority based service is at an extremely affordable price making it a complete win-win deal for you as well!

Cooperation: Our team works as an extension of your core unit and extends all the necessary support that helps you do business in a better and more efficient manner. We work closely with your business to identify the fault, strategize the corrective measures and supervise their implementation as well.

As industry experts, we keep ourselves updated with the latest trends as well as requirements of the market. Investing in talent, technology and expertise that places us several notches above the usual crowd, we help brands achieve their business goals in a relatively shorter duration of time.

So, the next time you are struggling to figure out the right blend of ideas for the communication strategy for your brand, simply give us a call and we will help work out a good deal!

About the Author: Rohit RajIam a Professional Blogger and Content Writer for SRV MEDIA PVT LTD


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15 May

Rate Your Service Five Different Ways

By Carole DeJarnatt

Have you experienced exceptional customer service? How did it make you feel? I do not know about you but it gives me a wonderful feeling somebody showing they really care. When I receive service as such, I try to let the person or manager know. In today’s world it is rare that you receive comments of satisfaction, much less for superior service.

I recently stopped at a Captain D’s fast food restaurant in Tifton, Georgia. As my husband and I were walking up to the restaurant, an employee was outside and greeted us with a friendly ‘hello’. We walk into the restaurant and we are greeted by many friendly ‘hellos’. The front counter and kitchen personnel were all wearing big smiles and welcoming faces. I asked them if a contest was going on within the franchise system to judge who the friendliest store was. I was told by the order taker that it was their job to greet customers in a friendly manner everyday. I also noted as I walked through the door, that most everyone was busy cleaning something. The counter, the floor, the tabletops, the bathrooms; you name it the employees obviously took great pride in their jobs and the store.

My experience at this location made me aware of how important it is that we not only give customer service, but that we exceed our customers’ expectations. These employees exceeded my expectation by the constant smiling faces, friendly conversations, customer care in a fast food environment, and cleanliness of the facilities. If I were that franchise owner I would be very proud.

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Where do you rate with your customer service? Some of my recommendations on evaluating services are:

Do an email survey questionnaire

. The answers you receive will be a huge benefit to you if you take heed to them.

Have Customer Service Representatives ask

questions about the service to incoming callers. Some people will not want to take the time but others will be glad you asked.

Mail a survey

via postal service. Do not leave out those who do not share the world’s enthusiasm with technology.

Adapt your survey or phone queries

to your business model. In a franchise model, each owner would need to adapt their efforts to how they do business. Perhaps their only venues are fairs and festivals. Survey your customers as you supply their product. Perhaps give them so much off if they fill out your questionnaire.

Be creative and make it fun

for the customer. This is just another form of exceptional customer service. How many times have you had fun telling a business what you thought about their service?

Most companies realize the need for customer service but successful companies strive for exceptional. Exceptional service is what makes you stand out from your competitor and if applied effectively you will not have to worry about the competition in the future.

About the Author: Carole DeJarnatt is the President of Alliance Advisors, Inc., a business advisory/coaching service for development and implementation of strategies for greater success in the future of businesses. Visit the company website at

Alliance Advisors, Inc.


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27 April

Sba Loan For Business Finance And Commercial Real Estate Mortgage}

Submitted by: Stephen Bush

Finalizing a Small Business Administration loan (SBA loan) and refinancing an SBA loan can frequently be among the most difficult commercial mortgage and business financing circumstances for a business finance or business real estate borrower. There are successful business loan strategies for both loan situations.

Are SBA Real Estate Mortgage Loan and Business Financing Programs Difficult?

There are usually two schools of thought about getting an SBA loan to buy a business or commercial real estate: (1) Avoid a Small Business Administration loan at all costs. (2) Use an SBA loan whenever possible. These conflicting viewpoints are due to a commercial mortgage business loan process that is perceived as complex and difficult by many commercial borrowers.

Despite the negative atmosphere surrounding the SBA loan process, it can be worth the time and effort for many borrowers. There are critical business financing and commercial real estate loan obstacles to avoid with a Small Business Administration loan, and there is only a small number of capable lenders in this demanding commercial mortgage and working capital area. It is vital for a successful SBA loan program to involve a real estate and business finance advisor that is skilled at this rigorous business loan system.

Is SBA Loan Refinancing Possible for a Real Estate Loan or Business Opportunity Financing?

SBA Loan refinancing for both real estate and business finance loans has usually been a very difficult proposition. New business loan programs have dramatically improved these Small Business Administration commercial mortgage refinancing restrictions, but the new refinancing options are not widely available.

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Future planning for business financing can eliminate many SBA loan refinancing difficulties. If the original commercial real estate loan or business loan can be finalized without including an SBA loan, future business refinancing will be more viable. Borrowers should determine if the initial commercial mortgage truly must include a Small Business Administration loan.

Typical Business Finance Misperceptions with an SBA Loan

One of the prevailing views of an SBA loan program concerns the documentation needed to finish the commercial real estate mortgage requirements. The key to a successful Small Business Administration loan process is trusting the loan facilitator about what is required. What business borrowers should try to realize before becoming frustrated by the loan process is that any commercial loan process will include substantial paperwork whether an SBA loan is involved or not.

A more serious possibility for business borrowers is that they could end up with an SBA lender that is rarely successful in finalizing Small Business Administration loan applications. Judging the real estate loan and business opportunity financing process by looking at the frequency of both successful and timely outcomes for commercial borrowers, the harsh reality is that there appear to be far more ineffective SBA lenders than effective Small Business Administration lenders on a nationwide basis.

Commercial Mortgage Options – SBA Loan Alternatives for Real Estate and Business

The practicality of refinancing a commercial loan will be determined by the commercial borrower decisions when acquiring the original real estate mortgage or business financing. In obtaining a commercial loan to buy a business, non-SBA business loan possibilities should be evaluated along with the option of obtaining a Small Business Administration loan.

A conventional business loan and real estate mortgage might be more feasible than many borrowers realize. The possibility of refinancing either an SBA loan or conventional business financing will ultimately be more practical and successful when working with a skilled commercial mortgage advisor and commercial lender.

Copyright 1995-2007 AEX Commercial Financing Group and Stephen Bush. All Rights Reserved.

About the Author: Stephen Bush offers

business loan and real estate mortgage


AEX Business Finance and Real Estate

Reports and the

Business Opportunity and Mortgage Loan



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25 March

Opt In Leads At A Glance

By John Le Papillon

A description of the different types of opt in leads and how they can benefit an online business.

In our business world many are finding more benefits of online marketing then ever before. The world wide web is providing great options for marketers to gain hot new leads on prospective customers. There are several forms of opt in leads these are leads from customers who provide their information to a company of their own will. This gives the company the opportunity to send them information or advertisements on their products or services in the future. It also helps them lower the targets to specifically those who are interested. This will save them lots on advertising and promotional expenses. It keeps the companies from wasting their money on customers that are not interested in their products.

Determining which opt-in strategy or strategies are best for your company can be difficult. Knowing exactly what you want, as well as how much you are willing to spend can make a big difference on the strategy you choose to use. There are a few opt-in types available online listed below:

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Mlm Leads: These types of leads are targeted for businesses that are looking for network marketing and Mlm Leads. They are a thorough evaluation of the prospective lead. They provide surveys, and email as well as phone call verifications in some cases. This will give you a great opportunity to get targeted and serious leads for your company you can also acquire local, national, and International lead generation.

Email leads and autoresponders: These types of leads are for all forms of companies. They can be used for those who are just looking to generate traffic or those who run an e-commerce business and are looking for more customers. They typically provide an Autoresponder with the package that allows you to personalize your potential customers and can produce leads as recent as 24-72 hours ago which gives you fresh leads. Auto-responders will also allow you to generate your business 24 hours a day increasing your business up to 90%!

Opt-in plus-investor leads: These leads give a company the heads up on investors targeted at there form of business. The investor leads can greatly minimize the overall amount a company invests in advertising. Finding solid investors on the internet is hard tasks these leads provide them with all the information they need to find what they are looking for at expand their company.

Overall to help your business thriving and to save on the advertising costs of online business one should invest in opt-in leads. It gives you protection from spam accusations as well as targeting your area of the industry. If you are looking locally, nationally, or Internationally Opt-In Leads can help!

Confirmed opt in or double opt in is definitely the way to go. This means that the subscriber will get an email to their email account asking them to click a link to confirm that they truly want to join your list. The insures that nobody else can use their email address to subscribe to your opt in list. Many people will not confirm. Some emails may unfortunately get blocked by spam filters. (This is why I suggest using an outside service to manage your list like Aweber or Getresponse.) However, those who opt in will be highly targeted opt in leads who really are interested in what you offer. It may take more time but you are better off going for quality in the long run and develop a real targeted list of confirmed opt in subscribers that you can market to over and over.

About the Author: Matthew Meyer is a lead generation specialist. He manages lead generation portal.

You can find out more about lead generation techniques and even place your free ad on his lead generation site here.


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21 November

How To Find A Small Business Law Attorney In Mooresville, Nc

byAlma Abell

Going into any business, especially in precarious financial times, requires planning to guarantee the best chances of success. Simply jumping into a business without proper research and advice puts the business at risk before the doors are even open. In addition to developing a detailed business plan, avoiding the many legal pitfalls that are common with new businesses requires consulting an attorney. Every Small Business Law Attorney in Mooresville, NC is trained to help entrepreneurs protect themselves and their businesses from a wide variety of issues.Properly setting up the business involves many decisions. One of the first is to determine which category of business is best for the particular situation. Would a sole proprietorship be the best option? Or, would some sort of corporation provide more benefits or protection from liability? Which type of accounting system is best suited to protect the business from financial issues both now and in the future? Quality legal advice will help to arrive at the best solutions. Small business law attorney service in Mooresville, NC personnel are prepared to suggest options that will allow business people to safeguard their business investments.Any business should have a plan in place to allow for a smooth transition in the event one or more of the principals of a business should no longer be able to continue. Where no plan is in place, the business may flounder while successorship is determined. An attorney from Lake Law Office, PLLC can help design a plan that will protect the company assets and keep the business flowing smoothly should anything happen to a principal.Legal problems can quickly arise at any time. Employer/employee disputes can take time away from business owners when they can least afford it. Having a relationship with an attorney can help in the event a dispute does arise. Calling an attorney before discharging an employee or making statements that could later create problems is always wise. Many business owners have regretted a lapse in judgment where things were said or done that set unfortunate events in motion. always get legal advice if there is any question of how a situation should be handled. Your Small Business Law Attorney in Mooresville, NC has access to all the latest rulings relating to labor law and will work to mitigate any problems before they worsen.Utilizing the services of a small business law attorney from Lake Law Office, PLLC to prevent problems is arguably the best investment any business owner can make.

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18 August

Green Investments: Long Term Growth, Responsible Choices}

Submitted by: Tizzy Martin

You want your money to work for you, of course, and youve chosen to place it into higher yield instruments. At the same time, you also value sound ecological practices and principles. Your objective is to invest in companies and projects that reduce or eliminate further damage to the environment, or that promote sustainability and conservation. Finding investment vehicles that fit your criteria is not difficult, but it doesnt hurt to select a firm whose focus is green investment management. The financial advisor you select should not only understand the current landscape of green investments, but be aware of potential trends to help you achieve your goals.

What Is Green Investing?

Its easy to confuse the terms socially responsible investing and green investing. While there is a good deal of overlap between the two, there is a distinction between them. Socially conscious investment does embrace environmentally sound, or green companies and products. However, this does also include the practice of avoiding putting money into businesses that sell addictive products. Additionally, this also incorporates a focus on financial vehicles that fund initiatives for social justice, clean technologies, and community involvement and improvement.

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Green investing, as a subset of socially conscious investment, has a specific intention of funding products and enterprises with very narrow goals. Each of these is aimed at a specific set of environmental benefits. For instance, a project to develop an alternative energy source would be a ripe possibility for funding. Creating green insulation for homes and energy-saving technologies are other examples.

Selecting a Financial Adviso

While some capital management companies have a wide focus on socially responsible ventures, its possible to construct your entire portfolio of nothing but green companies, funds and other instruments. However, there are certain things to consider when pursuing your strategy. Just because a company bills itself as green doesnt necessarily mean that it is. Demonstrated evidence that they do what they say they do is key. But how do you sort through all the information and options?

Because of the sheer number ventures flooding the market that claim to be environmentally focused, an advisor who concentrates on green investment management is your best bet. This person is skilled at identifying both successful and eco-friendly vehicles. Additionally, he or she has the expert knowledge to help you navigate the landscape and create a strategy thats both financially and environmentally sound.

Keep in mind that your aims can be as general or as narrow as you like. If have a specific kind of ecological benefit as your locus for instance, renewable fuels or clean water your advisor should be able to suggest a mix of instruments aimed at your interests. Also, your portfolio can be tooled to contain only pure play green investments (which only receive revenues from eco-friendly products or initiative), companies that include green products or projects in their mix, or both.

Its laudable that you want to do something responsible with your money. But as with any kind of investments, this is not something you do rashly. Its your money, and you need to find a green investment management firm that knows the market and cares about your goals. The right professional works to align your strategy with your values, needs and desires.

About the Author: John Trinh has been writing for 10+ years. He first delved into the world of writing when he wrote his first article for his university’s paper. Since then, John has enjoyed writing about technology, business, marketing, and anything that he thinks he should write about.Visit at

for more info.


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21 October

The Stock Market An Easy Way To Make Money?}

The Stock Market – An Easy Way To Make Money?


Frank Martinez

While it comes to earning money, a lot of people get confused very easily. There seem to be so many distinct choices of investment from which to choose. And then add to this fact that a lot of these alternatives are puzzling to the average person.

You may not be able to fathom what interest rates are all about, or why the stock market operates like it does, and this may perhaps lead to inaction. If you really want to invest your money, you ought to find someone who knows what they are doing.

If you are interested in the stock market, they may possibly advise you what type of trading account you should get, and show you first-class stocks to get involved with that will make you money in the long run.

However, what may be good stocks for you to invest in may not be very good stocks for someone else. If you dont have plenty of money to invest, you certainly dont want to deposit your cash into high risk stocks.

Oftentimes, people think of swift, easy increases in their capital thanks to the stock market without being realistic. If you only have a little money to invest, you really should first locate some solid stocks to invest in that have a very good history of slow but steady growth. This is the sort of investment you will want to have for retirement or even paying for your childrens college education.

If you have additional cash to invest, that is when you may begin investing in various higher risk stocks. You still want to have advice on which stocks to invest in, or you will end up making a lot of mistakes.

You will want to locate stocks to invest in that will offer slow growth, and you may perhaps want to use some of your cash to invest in further high risk stock for a more bountiful gain more speedily.

That way, you know you have something that will earn money in the long-term, as well as it additionally giving you a possibility to make a vast profit within a short amount of time.

Even though we all like to assume we may figure things out, when it comes to spotting first-class stocks to invest in, you may perhaps want to consult with a financial planner first.

You may want to employ someone to invest your money for you, and if you know very little concerning the stock market this is in all probability the way to go. They will already be aware of the best stocks to invest in that will be suitable for whatever financial condition you might be in. Simply ensure you use someone who is open to talking clearly and simply to you whenever you need information, and make sure they have a solid reputation behind them.

Go here for more

education on stock trading

. To search through all the pages of the website, visit

Guide To Starting A Small Business

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The Stock Market – An Easy Way To Make Money? }

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11 October