Holiday To Lanzarote | Unforgettable Holiday Houses | Villas Lanzarote}

Holiday To Lanzarote | Unforgettable Holiday Houses | Villas lanzarote


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Holiday to Lanzarote… looking for an exceptional stay next to the ocean? We are offering 1st line luxury locations with private heated pool or Jacuzzi.

Holiday to Lanzarote we guarantee you it will be exceptional because our locations are situated in the north of the island far away from the mass tourism.

Los Cocoteros is close to the Jardin de Cactus in Guatiza, Costa Teguise, where first of all the authenticity of Lanzarote is preserved.

Quality, luxury, relaxing and breathtaking panoramic views are therefore the key to an unforgettable stay.

To make it finally even more unforgettable breakfast and romantic diner served in your resort are supplementary possibilities

as well as therapeutic, beauty and wellness treatments.

Furthermore is walking, cycling, mountain biking, surfing, swimming

or why not the triathlon

the sport events to do during your holiday to Lanzarote!

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Breakfast, therapeutic and wellness treatments available.

Some days of the week home made dishes served for dinner at your resort.

Catering not available at Casa Caleta@Famara.

As supplementary service you can order in advance an arrival package so you dont have to go shopping immediately.

The price is 23′ and includes eggs, bread, coffee, butter, jam, chocopasta, milk, water and orange juice.

If you want additional products (in supplement) just let us know, we love to do your shopping.

House Description 1st line luxury apartment

Casa Esquina del Mar is a very luxury and romantic apartment on the first floor, the perfect place for 2 persons

This 1st line luxury apartment with all modern conveniences is an open plan apartment:

the kitchen is fully equipped with: oven, micro wave, freezer, fridge, washing machine,

beautiful bathroom

ocean orientated living room with satellite television

(Belgian, Dutch, English and German channels and 250 radio channels) DVD player and music installation

spacious master bedroom with a kingsize bed for 2 persons

sun orientated outside terrace

luxurious heated Jacuzzi on the outside terrace

hair dryer, bath & bed laundry, bath- & kitchen towels, beach towels, bathrobes are provided free of charge

P.S. On demand we can provide a baby bed. WiFi connection is free available.


taxes, water, electricity, bed- & bath laundry, kitchen- & bath towels, beach towels, end cleaning, WiFi connection

and the welcome service at the airport are all included in the price.

If you want to come enjoy this unique location with a supplementary child price on demand,

for children we have special prices depending on their age.

A rental car?

The company were always working together with can offer you very interesting prices without any hidden costs.

Ask for a quote you will be surprised!

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22 June

The Amazing Advantages Of Green Interior Design}

Submitted by: Amely Wurmbrand

Green interior design takes advantage of recyclable materials, furnishings, and leftovers, to create a one in a million space. This style uses long-lasting and non-toxic materials, as well as renewable energy sources. When you redecorate your home with new materials every five years that is the opposite from green interior design.

The heart of green interior design is to restore and reuse everything thats possible. Today, there is a great variety of green floor options that allow you to refinish, sand, or paint without employing toxic materials. The main materials employed in green interior design are cork, bamboo, and eucalyptus, because no destruction occurs when taking them from nature. In the same way, there are woods that have been approved and certified by environmental groups as appropriate for construction and decoration because they do not carry the devastation of millenary forests.

Green interior design cares to the core. It even pays attention to what glues and finishes are eco-friendly, since these commonly contain toxic synthetic resins that are extremely harmful. Green design is all about non-toxic cleaners, polishes, finishes, refinishing, and adhesive products, resulting in better air quality and a healthier environment at home.

The idea behind going green is to use as few chemicals as possible in everything we use and in our surroundings, while living in harmony and taking advantage of the green exterior. So it is important to use a lot of glass windows, doors, and skylights to let in natural light, helping to lower energy consumption and to avoid moisture accumulation.

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Nothing is more in today than concrete floors. They are used in different colors, textures, polishes, and patterns, and are not harmful to your health because they are free from glues and finishes with chemicals. Green kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces also showcase concrete counter tops that give a natural look and appear thoroughly modern.

Now theres the option of recycled glass. It is very beautiful and can be found in many colors and forms to match your space and necessities.

Another important aspect of selecting a green design is in the appliances you choose. Besides budget, it is necessary to think about their functionality, style and energy efficiency. Select the ones that use less water, and recycle all your old appliances correctly. Ask for advice if necessary.

Green home designs provide for lots of ceiling and wall eco-friendly insulation throughout the entire house, turning your home into an energy-efficient one. Look for high performance windows and doors that help preserve energy very effectively.

The current global condition begs for smart choices in home interior design. Green design is such a choice, resulting in an economic and environmental advantage. Green enthusiasts think of future money savings, reduced exposure to toxic materials, and living in harmony with the environment, however, living green is not easy. It is a lifestyle that demands deep changes in your life philosophy and priorities, but it is worth it!

If youre interested in this kind of interior design, research, ask, and learn all you can about it before deciding to implement it. Interior designers in Seattle are a great source of information and guidance, one that you should consider in order to go green all the way and in the right way.

If you liked this article, tell all your friends about it. Theyll thank you for it. If you have a blog or website, you can link to it or even post it to your own site (dont forget to mention as the original source).

About the Author: Amely Wurmbrand is nationally-recognized for both her West Coast and

Seattle interior design

work. Amely and her team work closely with clients to reflect their personalities and lifestyles through innovative and sophisticated designs.


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Some Visible Origin Of Water Damage Damage Fire And Water Damage Restoration}

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Some Visible origin of Water Damage damage fire and water damage restoration



Water damage is not only dangerous for health but also for formation of the home. Once a building has been exposed to a large volume of water, it becomes verydangerous as water causes both health and structural risks. Water damage affects the structures of the building by several ways such as collapse of wallboards, undermining of structural integrity, collapse of stairs, floors, and roofs may collapse bulging ceilings. The damage includes ruined walls, ceilings, and carpets, as well as large damage to the kitchen area. There are many clear causes of water damage. The clear causes of water damage are as under.

Roof Leaks

The originalmain originof water damage is roof leaks. When roofing materials wear out and expose the roof decking to wetness intrusion and damage, mainly around roof penetrations like chimneys, plumbing vents, and exhaust fans. split chimney caps are accountable because these allow water into internal areas of the chimney.

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When it is rain the water accumulates between the roof and a blocked sewer. Mainly flat roof is the major origin of roof leak because roof drains can block and hold water on the roof, increasing the risks of a leak and a possiblecollapse of the entire roof under the weight of the water.

Main Drains

The second origin of water damage is blocked drains. major drains such as gutters, floor drains, sump pumps, roof drains and sewer vent pipes foil water flowing out simply. The water may backup and causes damage. Chief gutters can force rainwater to travel under shingles, or to overflow and travel down internal walls. An inadequate number of drains can origin an overflow. Gutters that don’t vacant far enough away from basis walls can lead to damage and a wet basement.


The third origin of the water damage is poor attic insulation and ventilation enables heat to escape, turning rooftop snow into an ice dam. Ice-dams often force wetness to back up under roof shingles where it can drip into the attic. Building troubles

The fourth cause

of the water damage is rude installation of windows and doors which enables wetness to enter into the wall. Damaged seals, weather-stripping, and flashing around windows or doors can origin windblown wetness enter. Leaks and cracks around windows and doors, poor roof drainage, cracks in foundation, joints and outside walls enables for water intrusion.


The fifth origin of water damage is rainwater. Rainwater collects along the basis wall or lower the floor during wet months unless directed away by correct drainage.

The author is a expert in providing

fire water damage

service. He has many years experience in water damage, fire damage restoration. He wrote various article on

water removal

. For further detail on

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Some Visible origin of Water Damage damage fire and water damage restoration


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