Displaying An Rss Feed On Your Website Using Php And Magpie Rss

By Mikel Beck

These days everybody wants to have fresh content on their web site. Search engines like to see dynamic web pages, where the content is updated on a regular basis. Static pages that have information that doesn’t change are not only boring, but less likely to be visited by a search engine spider than a page that changes every time it is displayed.

By using


and the


toolkit, you can import data from another web site or news source and display that information on your own site.

First, download the MagpieRSS kit from http://magpierss.sourceforge.net.

Next, unpack the archive, into a directory off your root on your web site called “rss”.

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Then, create a directory off your root called “cache”. CHMOD this directory to 777.

You’ll need to know the URL for the feed that you want to display. You can find this by searching for “RSS feed” in Google, or by going to one of the many sites that allow you to search thrown various sources for feeds. Syndic8.com is one, for example.

To display data from a single source, you can use code similar to this:


$news_feed = ”;


$rss = fetch_rss(“http://www.url-of-the-rss-feed.com”);

$items = array_slice($rss->items, 0);

foreach ($items as $item )


$news_feed .= ” . $item[‘title’] . ” . $item[‘summary’] . ”;


echo $news_feed;

MagpieRSS not only decodes the data, but it will also cache the data so it will retrieve news articles only once per hour.

Utilizing RSS in this fashion will allow your web site to have fresh content displayed constantly, and will (hopefully!) keep the search engine spiders interested in your site. The more the spiders index your site, the more pages you will have listed in the search engines. And with more pages listed in the search engine indexes you have a much better chance of attracting people to your web site.

Copyright 2005 by Mikel Beck.

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4 February

Multiple Streams Of Income By Robert G Allen

By Ben Sanderson

Multiple Streams of Income is a course created by Robert G Allen. Robert G Allen is an entrepreneur that was famous for his no money down courses and has had a lot of success with his real estate strategies many years ago. Multiple Streams of Income is his take on how to structure your businesses so that you have long term success and dependable income.

Multiple Streams of Income has received a lot of attention because many people had success in one area until something happened in their industry. For example, people who’ve had success with real estate suddenly found their incomes dwindling and have lost money in many cases. The purpose of Robert Allen’s course is to teach people about the principle of having multiple streams of income.

By having multiple income streams, you’ll still be bringing in money even if your stock portfolio takes a hit or the real estate market gets hurt by the economy. You’ll have more than one income source and if one falters, you can depend on the others. You won’t be financially devastated because you didn’t put your eggs in one basket.

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The book talks about four money mountains. These mountains are real estate, the stock market, Internet marketing, and regular marketing. The course has some detailed information about each subject and gives you different examples of what works in each. You learn what Robert has done to set up system in each category and how he’s having success in each one.

On the topic of marketing and Internet marketing, Robert G Allen strongly recommends that you set up an information marketing business. This is basically a business where you’re selling information products such as eBooks, home study courses, audio tapes, similar to what Mr. Allen is doing with his business. This is a proven business model but you have to remember that it is a high learning curve that you’ll have to really invest a lot of time and effort learning how this business works.

Robert Allen states that his stock portfolio has had returns of 20% per year. He does this by investing in safe stocks as well as more risky investments. This is very difficult to do because of the current financial situation and it does require that you set aside some money to start.

The last mountain is real estate. This is no surprise as Robert Allen’s first success was in this industry. In the book, he talks about no money down deals and why creative financing is important to getting these deals off the ground. He is accurate about this but you do have to remember that the real estate market has changed over the years and it’s not as easy as it used to be.

The most important part of the course is the main idea of multiple streams of income. Most people put all their eggs in one basket and lose it all when something changes or they make a bad investment. The author strongly advises that you set up multiple systems and find out how to automate it if you really want a dependable income. The course has received mixed reviews with the positive being about the core idea and the negatives being about the difficulty of implementation of his strategies. Overall, it is an okay course and has many interesting ideas that you can get a lot from.

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3 January

How To Make Physician Advertising More Efficient And Cost Effective

By Seomul Evans

If you are a doctor and you are looking for more effective ways of launching your practice and establishing a name for yourself, physician advertising can be critical. A good physician advertising campaign can be the key to attracting new patients. Even in areas where there are doctor shortages, you need to find ways to attract new clients. One of the best ways to do this is through online marketing.

Why is online marketing such a great way to conduct physician advertising? It is simple. Nowadays, with the advent of the internet, using online marketing is the best way to reach a wide audience and get the best return on investment for your advertising dollars. Physician advertising using traditional print media is expensive and relies on people to actually read the publications you are advertising in. This can mean that the physician advertising you are doing will not reach the portion of the population you want it to.

Online marketing is far more targeted. You can ensure through proper online marketing that you are putting your physician advertising in areas where people with health related interests are looking. It can also help with other aspects of physician advertising as well. Say you are attempting to recruit a new physician for your practice or you are a city which is trying to get a physician recruitment program up and running.

By using online marketing, you have direct access to medical forums, graduate organizations and other areas where medical professionals will be looking. This can offer you the highest return on investment for your physician advertising dollars. You will avoid having to place physician advertising in extraneous publications where they are much less likely to get noticed.

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Online marketing can be a great tool for you to promote health and wellness programs, as well as pass on information that you feel strongly about. Imagine being able to provide clear, accurate and pertinent information on medical conditions, medication regimens and ways to live more in a more healthy way. Using online marketing, you can.

If you have a properly designed website, you can include information like that listed above. You can also find a way to get in touch with your patients in a more general way, whether to announce changes in office hours or to advertise a new doctor, piece of equipment or service that you now provide. As you can see, online marketing is one of the most flexible and versatile forms of physician advertising.

If you are interested in finding a way to use online marketing to increase the profitability of your practice you should consult with a design firm which is familiar with the needs and requirements for medical online advertising. Because there are rules and regulations which surround physician advertising, you need to find someone who is familiar with creating websites for medical professionals.

Take the time to learn about how online marketing can benefit you as a medical professional. By learning the different forums and websites out there, you can find ways to cross promote using links to their website and yours. Cross promotion is one of the better ways to use online marketing as a form of physician advertising. Suddenly, by letting your name be seen on these forums people may begin to seek you out specifically as their doctor if they like the feel and tone of your advice.

If you want to find a cost effective and time-efficient way of advertising you and your practice, use online marketing. You will be glad you did.

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Medical Marketing

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28 December

How To Win Back His Love Proven Tactics And Techniques}

How to Win Back His Love – Proven Tactics and Techniques


Rohail Rizvi

It seems like the two of you were happy as ever like it was yesterday. You remember him having his arms around you. All of a sudden now, though, your world is shattered and you are trying to figure out how to win back his love.

This is by no means an uncommon situation. Break ups happen all the time and for a million different reasons. Women like you lose their men all the time and it is a painful process. However, lots of women just like you are able to win back his love too. The women that have been able to do this knew that it would take resoluteness, but they also knew it would be easy if they had an action plan. And since emotions are firing up everywhere during a break up, an action plan is one of the most valuable things a girl that his trying to win back his love can have.

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One of the most important attributes of your action plan should be timing. Everything comes down to timing in getting your man back, just like in a war. This is because you are trying to play on emotions and as human beings time always plays an important role. The first action you should take is avoiding any sort of contact with him. Take this time to get out there and be social as well as to do things for your own good such as taking a salsa class or getting a makeover. This time will also have your ex wondering what you are up to and will entice him to make contact with you.

He doesn’t necessarily have to make contact with you, though. After you feel that you are confident enough in your own world, you can make the initial contact by either writing him a note, sending a text message, or an email just to say hi and see how things are going. You should also suggest that you are open to meeting up sometime and having a casual date at the coffee shop. Encourage him to plan the details, as the more time he invests in meeting up with you, the more important he believes you are. Leave the ball in his court for now and see how he reacts. You can make this process even faster if you have a couple more tricks up your sleeve and for this reason it is important to invest in a proper plan that will help you win back his love and get your life back together.

Did you find these tips on how to win back his love helpful?

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