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Auto Parts Classifieds by EfraimGershom

Everyone wants genuine auto parts but do not know how to go about it. There may be many ways to get auto parts but auto parts classifieds is the best way to find the desired auto parts. You can hit the best bargains using the auto parts classifieds.

There are umpteen auto parts that you may need when your car has some problems. You may go directly to the authorized dealer and have these parts but sometimes it very tiresome to contact the dealer for small parts and at such times you need some merchant who will give you quality auto parts. The best way at such moments is to resort to the auto parts classifieds.

The classifieds are usually text based ads and usually consists of ads of little items. These ads are accompanied by a phone number where you can get further information about the product or the service offered. These ads are designed to carry the message in short but very clearly. Instead of saying just “spark plug” the ad would read something like “1989-2000 NGK Spark Plug.” This allows the buyer to pinpoint the part he needs.

The classifieds had been always an economical and efficient way to advertise the products. There are many headings like automobiles, accounting, clothing, for sale, farm produce, for rents, etc. Since these advertises are classified according to the types it becomes very easy to find out the item one wants. This makes the classifieds a way different from the display advertises.

Over the years the classifieds have changed their form. Previously the classifieds were used only the sense of the print advertisements those appear in the newspapers or periodicals. With advent of computer services, television, and radio the meaning of classifieds also broadened.

The auto parts classifieds are the best places to find the used but reliable auto parts. These parts will not be advertised anywhere else. The used parts are convenient if you are low on budget. The auto parts classifieds usually advertise the best used parts and you can capitalize this fact if you have something to buy or sell your used goods.

The auto parts classifieds are very helpful to have the parts you want within budget and with quality. The classifieds offers a good way to choose the parts you want from the sellers that offer the various products. The classifieds are preferred by such small scale sellers because of the cost of advertisement. In spite of the low costs the classifieds are known to attract attention of many people and also fetch a good business.

As the online classifieds sector started developing an increasing emphasis is laid on the specialization. The general marketplace has given rise to the specialized vertical market. Classified websites are usually vertical in nature and provide the best places for niche market where one can sell the specialized products such as auto parts to a group of targeted customers. The auto parts classifieds is one fine example of niche marketing and exposes your products to the “right market”

Shop online for auto body parts, bumpers, headlights, taillights, wheels, rims & engines. Locate used auto parts, salvage yard parts and recycled truck accessories. Connect to salvage yards and used car parts dealers instantly. Search for automotive businesses near you.For additional information for auto parts classifieds, contact Efraim Gershom at 913-236-9629 or visit Source:

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15 February

Why Use Foam Material To Fabricate Dimensional Letters, Logo Or Signs}

Why Use Foam Material to Fabricate Dimensional Letters, Logo or Signs


WeCutFoamFoam is all around us. There are countless products made of foam, specifically Styrofoam (also known as EPS or Expanded Polystyrene) from the crown moldings in your home to the exhibit you just saw in the museum or the cool sign on the store you just shopped at.But why would a fabricator choose to use foam when clearly he has other choices of materials, such as metals, aluminum, plastics, PVCs Acrylics or wood.Dimensional lettering can be used as directional and architectural signage, attached to a building, office entrances or on walls for branding a message. Fabricator and sign shops have been using various materials to create dimensional letters, logo and signs for retail stores, companies, stages, weddings, trade shows, conventions and for any event. But imagine making letters from metal to go on a stage.Metals and wood are considerably heavy and are inconvenient for transportation and for handling when moved from one place to another. Wood can yield a great finish look, yet is heavy as well and takes a great amount of time to work with. And plastics and PVCs are not an easy material to shape and machine. Therefore, more and more fabricators are now using foam, which is a lightweight substance as a source for creating large dimensional letters.There are many ways in which the dimensional letters can be created. They can be left as raw white material if called for. They can be covered in matte, semi-gloss or gloss finish. The letters can be painted with specialty paintings to resemble wood, or with Faux bronze like paint to add a metal look. They can be laminated, covered in vinyl, in fabric or even be illuminated in the back to add a light effect to them. Acrylic can be laminated in the front of the letters to match a specific logo color or to make a sign look colorful. Looks like acrylic cut letters have become one of the most popular choices for indoor sign letters.The acrylic is cut using a laser cutter and yields a fairly precise cut. Still, foam is the most cost-effective solution for creating signs, logo, letters and props.Since the raw foam material itself is brittle and can be damaged by water, humidity and sun exposure, being coated can protect it. Different types of coating can be used depending on the application and use needed.They can be covered with light coating such as epoxy, to medium coating that can be sprayed, polished or brushed on such as Styrospray1000 or a hard coat polyurea sprayed with a reactor. The coating not only protects the letters, logo or sign, but also providing it much longer durability – They can last up to a lifetime once coated.A block of EPS foam is typically 4 by 4 by 8 feet. Therefore, the most convenient size to create the project is up to 4 feet. However, there is no size limit while creating and fabricating letters. If they need to be larger they can be made in sections and glued together, and while sanding the glued pieces, the seam is almost completely eliminated.The letters are cut using a CNC hot wire foam cutter. The foam is used to add dimension to the letters.Foam letters are a great option for instance, if you want depth on a lobby wall sign.They are actually 2D that can resemble a 3D project.By giving it enough thickness they can be “stand alone” letters on a stage. For instance, a 4 feet letter should be made at a minimum of 8 inches thick to be able to stand on its own.The foam can be cut fairly fast. A few single strokes of the hot wire melting into the material can create a letter in no time. Another advantage to the foam substrate is that it is easy to cut, mold, shape, carve and sand to a smoother finish. Round letters can be made flat at the bottom to be able to hold their own.The fabricator can create a base to the letters, either from the foam material itself or from acrylic, which is transparent, therefore serving as a great invisible support. Weights can also be placed inside the foam itself to hold the weight of the letter so that it does not tip off.If the letters need to be suspended, a double-sided tape can be placed so they can be hung up on a wall for example. In case they are big and heavier, metal rods and suspensions can be placed in them or hooks can be placed o hang them from the ceiling.Dimensional letters will help a company attract customers and be more attractive.Yes, there are certainly a lot of choices out there and it can be confusing at times trying to sort them out. I would say that if you are budget conscious, but still want a quality looking sign, then foam letters and logos are one of your best options. Dimensional foam signs, logos and lettering are a great way to enhance the character and depth of your message or logo and to build recognition to your brand.

WeCutFoam have over 17 years experience in customized cutting and machining foam, wood plastics and metals. The company creates dimensional letters, signs, logo, props, museums and trade shows exhibits, theater and movie sets, architectural shapes, sculptures, monuments, events decoration, prototypes, and much more. They also provide 3D scanning, sanding, coating, carving and painting services. Projects can range from few inches and up to full scale and more, including live size airplanes, boats, UAVs, trucks and, cars. For more information and quotes email us at or call (408) 454-6163

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The Functional Trucks}

Submitted by: Todd Herman

When your car stops working in the middle of the highway because of any technical problem, you are totally stranded. There is nothing you can do to get it moving. It is very risky for the safety of your as well as other vehicles, it is at a time like this tow trucks are of great help. They are just one call away and will arrive within minutes of receiving a service call. This truck will tow your car safely to the mechanic or service station. Similarly when there get involved in accidents on the roads, these trucks help move these cars in the collision and take them off the road so that normal flow of vehicles is possible.

We generally associate the word tow with pulling or carrying of the damaged vehicles, but these trucks do much more than that. Many tow trucks get your new car for delivery from another place. If you are shifting residence to a far off place and want your car to be transported safely then you can hire the services of these trucks and be assured of total safety of your car. We can say that basically these trucks make life easy for us.

The first truck of this kind was made in the early 1900s; with the purpose of pulling another damaged or stuck vehicle to a safer place using. Since then these trucks have improved immensely in their technology of towing. Different methods of towing are used by the towing companies depending upon the size of the vehicle being towed.

Many of these trucks have an adjustable boom winch for recovering vehicles which have fallen into ditch or any other place where a tow truck cannot reach it. This way the vehicle is slowly towed to safer spot.

At times chains are looped around the frame or axle which can be drawn by a boom winch. It is made to rest against a pair of heavy rubberized mats so that the vehicle could be towed on its other axle.

Slings generally scratch the vehicle that is why they are only used incase of vehicles which are damaged in accidents and do not have all four wheels.

At times some vehicles are drawn using the wheel lift technology. By this the front or back of the car is lifted clearly above the ground by a pneumatic or hydraulic hoist. This way the driving wheels of the vehicle are lifted up and it is towed only on two tires.

On some occasions the entire back of the vehicle is fitted with a bed which is later hydraulically inclined. The towed vehicle is placed on this flatbed and towed.

Some vehicles are towed using the boom and wheel-lift integration together. This technology is used in most parts of the world, for towing away illegally parked vehicles. Usually heavy duty trucks are manufactured with integrated lift.

Along with these standard technologies many new ways of towing are incorporated depending on the demand of the situation.

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