3 Day Liver Detox Diet Plan What You Should Keep In Mind?

By Pratim D

Liver is the largest internal organ in your body and it is considered as one of the most vital organs. Its vitality follows from the fact it performs well over 500 essential functions. The liver is extremely necessary for survival. If the liver fails to perform the functions your life will be at risk. And this is exactly why a liver detox is essential. If your liver is congested with chemicals and toxic wastes then it will not be able to perform its functions well. To detoxify your liver you can opt for liver detox diet.

Before you start the diet it is important for you to know there are a few elements that form an important part of the diet plan. And all these elements are essential for a thorough detox. These elements are:

1) Antioxidants – It not only protects the liver cells but also aids in the production of bile.

2) Spices – Flushes out the environmental pollutants. Also reduces the hunger pangs.

3) Friendly Bacteria – It breaks down the toxins in the liver thus aids in absorption.

The 3 Day Diet PlanDay 1

The first day of the diet is all about juices. The juices will help in flushing out the toxic wastes from your liver. To make the juice you will need:

8 oz fresh cranberry juice

56 oz distilled water

tablespoon nutmeg and ginger

tablespoon cinnamon


cup lemon juice

cup orange juice

Natural sweetener

Flax seed

To make the liver detox juice you will need to mix the cranberry juice and water and bring it to soft boil.

Next you will need to add the nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger into a tea ball and then steep it in the mixture for about 15 minutes.

After the mixture has cooled you can add the remaining ingredients save the flax seed.


For breakfast on the first day of your liver detox diet you will need to have a glass of the juice. Make sure you add flax seed to the juice.

One hour after the breakfast drink 8 oz of water.

For the next 12 hours alter the detox juice and water but do not add flax seeds to the juice.

Before going to bed at night drink a cup of the juice with the flax seeds.

Day 2 And Day 3

The diet for the second and third day is same.


2 scrambled eggs

A bowl of vegetables

An orange

A glass of water with fresh lemon juice


A cup of plain yoghurt with fruits


Green salad with artichoke, beets and 6oz of lean protein


Baked apple with nutmeg and cinnamon


Broccoli, cauliflower and 6 oz lean protein.

Liver is a vital organ that performs many essential functions. And keeping the liver free of wastes is extremely important because a dirty liver will not be able to perform the essential functions and your health will suffer. Follow the above diet for three days and you can rest assured that your detox will be complete.

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