If You Are Knot Ready It S Time To Call In The Indian Wedding Planner!

Submitted by: Sarita Singh

Tempers soaring, hyperactive family members, numerous calls to forgotten relatives and

friends, jittery nerves, in short, if it seems like a catastrophe relax, it is just anothe

grand Indian wedding in progress!

A marriage unites two families with the blessings of all. It is not surprising that an event

of such magnitude requires the preparations to start months in advance. Traditionally,

every detail would be planned and catered to by the family and friends and therefore

chaos reigned supreme. The fact that the wedding took place in spite of this was nothing

less than a miracle. However, the times began to change.

Let s go into flashback! The time period: approximately ten years back. The occasion: a

wedding in the family. Enter: life saviour also known as the Indian wedding planner.

The advent of the Indian wedding planner was like a genie out of the bottle. Dream

weddings were now a reality without any hassle. The trend of hiring an Indian wedding

planner found ready acceptance among the upscale families with a higher disposal


income. Once the middle class families realized that the magician called the Indian

wedding planner was quite capable of providing customized services as per the client s

udget, this segment soon joined in.

Cut to present. Weddings have become aspirational with every family wanting the very

est for their children. Weddings are now an opulent affair where social image is of

utmost importance. The Indian wedding planner is now a part of an organized sector,

indispensable to most Indian weddings. Once a budget has been decided, the wedding

planner takes charge of the event, leaving the family stress free to enjoy the wedding.

The role of the Indian wedding planner encompasses planning and executing of the entire

event. The planner takes care of venue, d cor, catering, transportation, guest handling,

managing every event before, during and after the wedding, helping with bridal attire

selection and her trousseau, RSVPs, favors and even sending the thank you notes after the

wedding. The growing popularity of theme weddings or destination weddings makes the

Indian wedding planner indispensable.

The involvement of the planner begins even before you have decided about the kind of

wedding you want. The planner lets you have a preview of what your wedding could be

like by showcasing a variety of options to choose from. Once you have made the choice,

the planner takes over. Co-ordination of every little detail to beautifully blend with the

theme, taking care of emergencies to avoid any hindrance to the smooth flow of events

and ensuring your wedding day is just perfect is the responsibility of the planner.

The Indian wedding planner has come a long way from the days of every vendor in

charge of tents or decorations calling themselves a wedding planner. The approach is now

totally professional. Since the planner belongs to the service industry, credibility is of

utmost importance.

This industry is full of challenges with efficiency levels operating below optimal in spite

of an immense creative talent pool. Many clients prefer to check with many vendors

offering their services before settling on a particular Indian wedding planner, mostly as a

last minute arrangement. However, the future looks bright. The internet and its growing

usage among the target group have done wonders for the convenience of the client as

well as increasing the awareness about the services of the Indian wedding planner.

Everything can be decided at the click of the mouse, without the client having to step out

of the house.

So go ahead and dream on. The wedding of your dreams is all set to become a reality.

Make a wish and the Indian wedding planner will leave no stone unturned to fulfill it fo

you. Happy wedding!

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