Le Vive Juice, Ultimate Review! New Healthy Anti Aging Drink…Ok, I’m Hooked!

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By Michelle Pennington

So here’s my story, when I was first introduced to the Levive Juice, first thought came to mind…

“Oh boy, what does this CRAP taste like?”

This was the very first thing that popped into my head, as I’ve tried many health nutrition drinks (e.i. Noni Juice, MonaVie, Fruta Vida, etc…) I can go on and on with this list, and each one did not suite my taste at all. They seem to leave an after taste and worst of all, I couldn’t stand drinking them any longer! I have thrown cases away and waisted hard earn money just because I couldn’t bear the thought of taking another sip.

But then comes the Levive Juice, as I mentioned earlier, I was on the defense at first, then the gentleman promised me to try it and that I would be pleasantly surprised. So I did of course, and


I was indeed surprised, first on the taste, how delicious it actually was. I asked if I could try another little taste and the representative that was handing out samples of the Levive Juice told me that you only need 2-3oz a day. I then was shocked to hear this? Something that taste this good, I was only allowed to drink 2-3oz at most twice a day? Surely I could drink the entire bottle in one setting because it was just that good!

He then went on to explain that this is an potent anti-aging health nutrition drink, which does not require you to drink large consumptions of it due to the 5 (now 6) major organic fruits it contained, thus a limited consumption amount was needed. The Levive anti-aging drink is packed with:

1) Acai Berry


2) Mangosteen

3) Pomegranate

4) Goji Berry

5) Noni

And then

they recently added a 6th organic fruit, “Cranberry”

. So now there’s actually 6 Powerful Fruits in one bottle! Ok, I have to be honest here, I’ve been taking this juice well over 6 months now, and I recently stopped taking Levive because well, I ran out and didn’t bother to get more right away. Noticing when I was not consuming it as I’ve done on a consistent basis before, I felt a bit less perky and my attention span was not as focused as it was while on the juice? I didn’t know at first why I was feeling a bit sluggish than normal. Then I realized it was the juice that kept me alert, vibrant and more energetic and focused!

So immediately I got back on my Levive Juice regimen and haven’t looked back since! Now let me just say, my story today is not to try and sell you on this juice, which is something you’ll have to try for yourself to see. But I had to write this to say, in all the times I’ve tried every single type of nutrition drink that was presented to me on the market today,

this juice by FAR is not only the best tasting and delicious health drink “hands down”

, it is also a vitality drink that really is an anti-aging liquid supplement. It’s a healthy daily vitamin drink the whole family can take to maintain overall state of good health.

So yeah, I’m


, and once you try it for the first time for yourself,

I’m 99.9% sure you’ll be HOOKED too!

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Le Vive Juice

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