Mens Health: Top 6 Health Risks For Men.

Feeling Normal and productive is not a sign of a healthy body… most of the diseases are slowly progressing and with time their potency goes on increasing up until there are no more U-turns ahead. “Men put their health last. Their thinking is that if they can live up their roles in society, then they’re healthy” says Demetrius, editor in chief of American Journal Of men’s health. Men are also less likely to go to the doctor, only when their symptoms turn severe, they decide for medical help, but most of the time, it’s too late. Here are the top 5 health risks men need to be aware of

Cardiovascular problems

It was and still is a leading threat to men’s health. The reasons are not apparent but it is found that cardiovascular problems develop earlier in men than women. There are a variety of diseases in cardiovascular family e.g Heart arrest and hardened arteries being one of them and cardiac muscle hypertrophy being another, still, there could be so many complications in a man’s heart (pun intended) that can go unnoticed.

The popularity of cardiovascular disease in males is so widely known that a type of heart attack occurs because of blockage of a particular artery that supplies the heart itself is Called a widowmaker heart attack. Because of its potential to make widows once it’s blocked.

Men need to be aware of their Circulatory health, get cholesterol and BP checked frequently and immediately consult a doctor if they feel they are developing some symptoms that can not be explained based on a common cold or flu.

Prostate Cancer

One of the only diseases associated with men, because women do not seem to have prostates; a small gland behind the reproductive organ that secretes fluids necessary for Sperm health and nutrition and ejaculation.

This cancer, after skin cancer, is the most prevalent in men.WebMD reports say that while 1 out of every 6 men is diagnosed with it, only one out of 35 are likely to die from it.

Cancer, although slow-growing and not having a potency to spread to surrounding areas, is sometimes quite aggressive. And because there are no effective screening methods known yet, rectal examination (the gloved finger) remains on top followed by a Blood test for a prostate-specific antigen.

Specific causes for prostate cancer are not completely narrowed down yet, but there are some risk factors like age, race (black men are more vulnerable), obesity and Family history. Symptoms include trouble urinating and decreased force in Urine stream, Erectile dysfunction, blood in semen and bone pain.


Even though depression does not discriminate among genders, men are more likely to be less diagnosed with it because they try to act strong and responsible and do not convey normal symptoms of it like loneliness, crying, etc. putting on a fake mask of everything-is-okay and dying deep inside, all the while not seeking for help.

Research shows that depression is more prevalent in women but it’s riskier in men because they hide it- because society expects them to be strong. “So instead of showing sadness and crying, men get angry or aggressive” says Demetrius Porche, from the American journal of men’s health. “They feel it’s not okay for them to say ‘I’m depressed’ so they cope with it in wrong ways like drinking too much”

Depression can lead to one being suicidal and again, although women attempt more suicide, men are higher in the ratio of actually doing it. This only fact conveys a message of how strong depression can affect men. Hence if a man starts feeling emotional disturbances, they must seek help and not necessarily tell everyone that they are doing so.

Erectile dysfunction

Not life-threatening, it can be a threat to the continuation of a generation (to some extent under extreme conditions)

Erectile dysfunction is most of the time caused by Cardiovascular problems and stroke etc. and generally an erectile dysfunction means that the blood vessels in the body are not in a good mood to carry blood. Depression is also one of the causes of erectile dysfunction because one of its effects is the loss of interest in formerly pleasurable activities.

Proper treatment is less common than the temporary treatment methods of using blue pills and Cialis and all these temporary methods can cause major health problems like racing and irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, irritability, extreme muscle aches, sudden hearing loss, vision impairment, and shortness of breath.

The dangers can be more severe if a person does not know about the contraindications of the drug they use for self-treating ED to have a more satisfying experience, which is the case in most men, sadly. Cialis contraindications, for instance, include, anaemia, low BP, angina, alcohol intoxication, bent penis with erection, ulcers, and seizures. If a person has any of these conditions; ED treating medications mustn’t be used

Alcohol use and unintentional injuries

The consumption of alcohol is more common amongst men than in women. Along with alcohol, smoking is also very common in men. Women do not smoke a lot.

Men have higher rates of alcohol-related deaths and hospitalization than women report Centre of disease control and prevention, and among drivers in fatal motor vehicle accidents, men are almost twice as likely as women to have been intoxicated.

Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to aggression and inability to think and react properly hence causing hurting oneself or another. It seems that alcohol abuse and unintentional injuries, which can cause infections in men because their manliness does not allow them to respond to it properly, are closely related.

Increased alcohol use can also interfere with testicular function and hormone production, hence affecting the sexual health too, resulting in infertility, impotence, and reduction of male secondary sex hormone.

Forced by the society and their feelings of manliness, a male does have a hard time concentrating on his health and wellness and thinks that working for more hours and being more productive is what defines him when actually what defines him Is his attitude towards his life and life of others around him, who care for him. While being productive is an essential part of life, what good does productivity bring when it comes at the expense of one’s health.

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