Needing A Company For Septic Tank Pumping In Tampa, Fl

byAlma Abell

U.S. Census Bureau figures show that 1/4 of Americans use septic tanks. Interestingly, the highest number of septic tanks are found in New England and the Southeastern United States. One will usually find septic tanks when there’s no public sewer available. Which is cheaper, public sewer or septic tank? Experts suggest the septic tank is cheaper in the long run. There is one fee to have the septic tank installed and then it is inspected every two years. On the other hand, residents are usually taxed to hook onto the public sewer system. In addition, there is a monthly fee afterwards.


Septic tanks serve their purpose well if residents maintain them properly. They should be pumped out every two to three years. Quality Septic Inc is the company to call for septic tank pumping in Tampa FL. Septic tanks are also the most natural way to treat waste water. Indeed, the water that is used goes back into the earth. Natural processes are used to treat and eliminate waste water from the home. Waste goes into the septic tank and heavy solids settle at the bottom. This is called the sludge layer. Light solids, grease and oil float to the top and make the scum layer. Waste water flows from a pipe in the tank into the drain field. Next, the water gets treated by the natural soil system in the drain field. It is important for consumers to know what goes into the septic tank. If the rules are not followed, the resident may need septic tank pumping in Tampa FL more often.

Laundry should be spaced out to one or two loads every other day. Septic systems cannot handle the water flow of a long laundry day. Additionally, the system prefers liquid soaps over powdered soaps. Also, food waste and grease should never go down the sink. Further, cigarette butts, disposable diapers and sanitary napkins should never go down the toilet. Pumping the tank regularly ensures the system will have a long life. Neglecting the tank can lead to drain field problems. Unfortunately, drain field problems are very expensive to repair. Take care of your septic system and it takes care of you.

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