Prom Dresses How To Pick The Best Gown Color For You

By Andre Paul B. Reynolds

Are you confused on what color of gown to choose for the prom? With the myriad colorful gowns found in stores, for sure, you are perplexed on the right color to choose for the event.

For years, teenagers dreamt of the event. It is the day that every teenage girl looks forward to because they can wear the prom gown of their choice. It is the first formal event that high school students have, thus, majority of them plan ahead to make the event worth remembering. Selecting the right dress for the Prom night is important because it can either make or break the event.

It is your time to shine and become famous among your peers. By choosing the right color and ensemble, makeup, shoes and accessories, you can become the star of the night. To choose the right color for your gown, use the natural hues of your skin to influence your decision. With the right decision, you can become the belle of the Prom. To know more about the different colors of prom dresses, read on and consider the tips and suggestions mentioned.

Factors to consider in gown color selection

Skin tone – Before you embark on a shopping trip, you must know your skin tone. Remember that skin tones compose of two main types, cool and warm. Those with cool tones are individuals who have pinkish-blue undertones, while warm tones are those that with golden undertones. To determine the right skin tone, wash off all the makeup on your face and hold gold and silver foil alternately to your face. The one that makes your face appear healthy is the right one for you, while the wrong shade will made your skin look dull, grayish and washed out.


Season – after determining the skin tone, you need to find what season you belong.

Winter complexions – Individuals with winter complexions are those that have pale white or yellowish-olive skin. Most often they have brown or black hair and have dark eyes. Summer complexions which also belong to winter complexions have pink or blue undertones and they are blond or brunettes and have light colored eyes.

Autumn complexions -These are individuals with golden undertones. They have dark, ivory or golden brown skin and they are brunettes and they have brown eyes. Individual with spring skin tones are those that have suntanned skin, creamy ivory and freckled pink skins. They have green or blue eyes and have light red or strawberry blond hairs.

Suitable gown colors for different shades of skin tones

Winter tones – They should choose gowns which colors include blue, hot pink, crimson, black, white or fluorescent pastel colors. You should avoid earthly tones because it makes you sallow or pale.

Summer tones – Select stunning, muted or pastel colors, like rose, baby blue, lavender, plum and pale yellow. Avoid earth tones and contrasting colors because it makes you look washed out.

Spring tones – You look perfect in soft and pale colors, like Kelly green, coral, ivory, camel, aqua blue and yellow. Avoid wearing harsh and contrasting colors, such as dark brown, black, stark and white. You also look gorgeous and stunning in soft pastels, floral and flowing gowns.

Autumn tones – You look best in spicy, rich and earthly colors, like rust red, olive orange, rich gray, dark brown and gold. Avoid wearing blue and bright colors.

With the suggestions mentioned beforehand, you can choose the right gown to suit your complexion.

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