Monday, April 23, 2012

Bus drivers from schools all over East Texas, US showed off their skills on Saturday at a competitive driving “roadeo” held in Tyler, Texas. The annual School Bus Roadeo was held in the parking lot at Robert E. Lee High School. Drivers were required to adequately navigate a series of obstacles during the event.

A driver with Tyler Independent School District told Wikinews that the event is more complicated than in previous years. She also indicated that she and her colleagues could eventually progress from this event to compete at the state competition, held later. During the event, drivers assigned to transporting special needs students must properly belt in a wheelchair within 90 seconds, as a part of the competition’s requirements. During the event, drivers were assessed on various techniques as they negotiated an array of obstacles along the course, simulating various roadway conditions. Officials even set up a simulated train track to test the drivers’ skills.

In its last legislative session, the Texas legislature cut school spending by over US$5 billion. Some school districts in North Texas have even resorted to selling advertising space on school buses to generate monies to shore up reduced budgets. Several states in the US allow such ads to be sold or are considering allowing such advertising.