Top 3 Myths About Solar Panels For Home}

Top 3 Myths about Solar Panels for Home




IntroductionWhen you decide to install a solar system at home either for reducing your monthly electricity bills or for stepping towards a more sustainable world, you would naturally have some doubts or misconceptions in mind about the system. So if you are thinking about building a solar panel for home, here are few misconceptions that you may have in mind about solar systems. Myth 1: Solar panels are very costly to purchaseThis is a very wrong idea which keeps many people away from using solar systems. Such high costs and rates will occur only if you decide to proceed through some reputed and famous companies selling solar panels. This way, you would have to bear a lot of expenses which may rise as much as 20000$. But believe me, there is a way to cut down this huge expenditure and still get the benefits of solar power.You should first know that solar panels are manufactured with some precise measures and no one, not even the best manufacturing companies get it right all the time. So one thing you can do to take advantage of the situation is that, contact these companies and acquires the defective solar panels at cheap rates. Such defective solar panels can fulfill some power requirements. You can also adopt a similar approach with the state highway works department. They often throw away damaged or defective items which can be acquired at cheap rates. Another method is that, you can literally construct your own panel by acquiring individual solar cells. Individual cells are available on eBay or in local hardware stores. This will cost you a very minimum amount provided you are ready to put in some effort for this purpose. Myth2: With solar power, say bye to electricity billsThis might not be 100% true in most cases. It actually depends on the amount of sunlight that the panel is exposed to. If you are located in areas with less sunlight or even if your house is under the shade of a huge tree or a building, you will not get that much output from the panel. So do not expect very high returns from your panel and don’t believe everything they say in the advertisements. And generally, electricity bill is not reduced to 0$, but it is surely reduced significantly after the use of solar power for power supply. Myth3: Solar panels don’t last for longThe lifespan of solar Panel Installations is greatly affected by how the users maintain and use them. First of all, you have to clean the panel at least once a week. Also, ensure that water does not seep in which would decrease its lifespan. If you made the panel yourself, consider sealing the borders with some suitable material for insulation.ConclusionThese are few common myths that hover around in the mind of people about solar energy and its use. But with the right knowledge, you can overcome any issue with ease.

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