Be On Time With Pocket Watch

Pocket watches can be categorized in five different ways. Firstly is the open face watch. In this style the face of it is completely unprotected leaving it open in the direction of damage. Many open face ones had faces of porcelain in addition to it was very susceptible in the direction of damage. The hunter watch is where the face in addition to the crystals of the watch are protected by a cover with the intention of is hinged in the direction of the watch. This cover protects the face of the pocket watch from dust, dirt in addition to scratches or any other damage. The beauty of the watch lay in its cover which could have been ornately engraved in the midst of a design, or carry one’s initials or even be able in the direction of carry the photograph of a loved one in the inside cover. However this was a hindrance in the direction of the usage of the watch since each time one needed in the direction of know the time the watch had in the direction of be opened. This led in the direction of the development of the half hunter watch.

The half hunter pocket watches have the best of both the open face in addition to hunter one. The cover of the half hunter had an opening through which it was possible in the direction of read the time without the need in the direction of open the case. A double hunter watch has a casing on both sides of the watch. The face is covered in the front in addition to at the back the mechanism is covered but it is easily viewed. The fact with the intention of it has a casing on both sides allows the watch in the direction of stand by itself. The double half hunter pocket watch has lids on both the front in addition to the back of the watch. They could be opened. These watches allow one in the direction of see the time on one side in addition to the mechanism of the watch on the other side.

A pocket watch is a lovely gift in the direction of give in addition to receive. Even in the direction of be the proud owner of one in addition to sport it around is very satisfying. In the modern era when one needs in the direction of don a three piece suit, the wearing of a pouch watch, complete in the midst of chain, would give the wearer a very distinguished look. The pocket wristwatch is fitted in the direction of the lapel in the midst of a T Bar chain.

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